Case Finding

Slide Sets
How Do you Know? Risk Assessment in the Spectrum of HIV [PPT 218 KB]
Date: 2003
Author:  Lucy Bradley-Springer, PhD, RN, ACRN
Source: Mountain Plains AETC
41 slides.
HIV Counseling and Rapid/Expedited Testing in Labor [PPT 293K MB]
Date: 02/2003
Source: François-Xavier Bagnoud Center (FXB) at UMDNJ
Note: Training slide set covering rapid testing for HIV in a labor and delivery context.
HIV/AIDS Case-Finding In Family Planning Clinics
Note: Six slide sets covering screening, HIV counseling and testing, heterosexual transmission, gynecological manifestations, and program implementation. Slides regularly updated. Available on the MATEC Web site in html and Powerpoint formats.
Date: 03/2003
Source: Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center (MATEC)
Primary HIV Infection: Recognition and Diagnosis
Date: 02/2001
Source: Northwest AETC
Note: Topics covered in lecture-style video include Identifying Primary HIV Infection, Diagnostic Tests for HIV, Pre-and Post-Test Counselling, and a summary of the importance of identifying HIV early. Vignettes with patients illustrate approaches providers can use when doing risk assessments and pre- and post-test counselling. 25 minutes. Free to providers in the Northwest region. $50 for others.
High Impact: Substance Abuse and HIV Care
Date: 02/2001
Presenter:  MD; , RN, ANP and , MD
Source: Northwest AETC
Note: Shot on location at Highland General Hospital in Oakland, California, and the University of Washington’s Center for Health Education and Research in Seattle, HIGH IMPACT explores the challenges of delivering HIV care to patients with histories of substance abuse. HIV specialists along with a focus group of clients participate in a fast-paced program with five sections: Stabilizing and Reducing Harm; Beginning Antiretroviral Therapy; Drug Interactions; Pain Management; Supporting Adherence. Free to providers in the Northwest region. $50 for others.